KEYC - THRIVE: Making Exercise A Priority

THRIVE: Making Exercise A Priority

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Fitting exercise into your schedule may be tough, but once you make it a priority it gets easier to commit to.

Family Medicine Doctor, Robert Gazzola says, "For some it's easiest to do first thing in the morning before they get their day going, for others, if they have that break at noon, great time to do it. For others, one of the things I'll often do is right before I eat supper I'll make sure I get that workout in or sometimes it's after the kids get tucked in before I get onto anything else.”

Either way, whatever time works best for you, fitting that workout in is so important.

Dr. Gazzola says, "It's hard to even put a limit on where it can help. Mental health, there's evidence that it can actually treat depression and anxiety and certainly prevent those things. Not only taking care of disease but just making a person feel better, it gives you a more positive outlook, enhances your well–being overall and certainly decreases the likelihood of diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and it also will help treat those things if you happen to have them."

After time pushing yourself every day to fit that workout in will just become a habit.

Dr. Gazzola says, "Once you get three, four, five, six weeks into it, the energy that you gain, the more efficiency you have from the workout you've been doing pays for itself time and time and time again."

We're all busy people, but even getting in a 20–30 minute workout at a high intensity level is just as good.

--KEYC News 12