Kato Crossfit Member, Jason Peterson says, "I was just under 300 pounds. It was a struggle, knees hurt, back hurt, play with the kids I have a 4 and a 7 year old, play with them for five minutes and sit down for a half hour and sit and watch them and it was just a lot to carry around."

That's when Jason Petersen decided he'd had enough.

Peterson says, "I just needed something, I needed change or I was going to die."

His journey began just over a year ago in April when he saw Kato Cross Fit was having a boot camp.

The month and a half boot camp consisted of working out and writing down everything you ate.

Peterson says, "I didn't realize what I was eating beforehand was ridiculous. It was like 3–4,000 calories and I thought I was eating alright."

And by the end of the boot camp his results were incredible.

Peterson says, "I had lost twenty two pounds in that first month and a half. And I really started enjoying the people, the people down here are absolutely amazing."

Which motivated Jason to continue at Crossfit.

Peterson says, "I kept the tracking going, and the healthier I got, the more athletic I got out there and the weight loss, just the more I wanted to do it. The people here are so supportive, I mean everybody has watched me go through it and you see other people come here and they go through changes and it's just fun to watch."

In the first six months Jason lost over 50 pounds.

And now at a steady pace continues to see results.

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