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Staying Safe On The Fourth Of July

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As we get closer to the Fourth of July fire departments are reminding people to enjoy the holiday safely without breaking the law.

Deputy Director Jeff Bengtson says, "Generally things that go up in the air like rockets mortars, fireworks of those natures are still illegal in the state of Minnesota but things that can be purchased locally certainly in Mankato are checked to make sure they do meet state standards for if whether they are legal or not."

While saying happy birthday to America with fireworks is a tradition that continues on.. every year heartbreak follows the tradition.

Bengtson says, "Statistically find that get injured are children or adults that have been using alcohol and fireworks at the same time."

The most common injury is actually from sparklers.

Bengtson says, "People tend to allow their children to use sparklers and without close supervision burns can happen to hands and feet."

If burns occur, Dr. Rasmussen says do not put ice on it.

Mayo Clinic Health Systems, Dr. Gay Rasmussen says, "That can actually make the burn worse. Room  temperature to cool water not freezing cold water and put that in water first for maybe five or ten  minutes until you can reevaluate.”

Keep the burns clean and wash them daily with plain water or mild soap.

Dr. Rasmussen says, “Keep them clean, just wash them daily with just plain water or very mild soap. If after 24 hours seems to become more blistered or worse than you initially thought then you might want to go in."

While many would like to stay out of the emergency room this Independence Day, staying away from fireworks altogether and finding a professional show is always an option.”

In Mankato, Brittany Kemmerer, KEYC News 12.