There are several healthy habits to practice when pregnant and exercise is one of them.

Pregnancy is the perfect time in your life to start healthy habits and exercise is one of them.

Mankato Clinic Dr. Tera Denke says, "Just like in all aspects of life exercise in pregnancy is recommended and can improve a pregnant lady's health during a pregnancy and then can contain that health after giving birth to the baby."

Dr. Denke says the level of intensity for your workout is not limited.

Dr. Denke says, "There is nothing about discouraging intensity during pregnancy especially if you're a woman who has been used to exercising at that level even prior to pregnancy so I always tell my patients, think about those competitive Olympic athletes like the competitive volleyball players. One of them was pregnant when she won the gold medal in London 8 years ago so if you're used to it if your body is accustomed to high physical activity and getting your heart rate elevated there isn't any reason why you can't continue that level during pregnancy as long as you're tolerating it."

When you get to the point and size of your pregnancy that brings discomfort during your workout slow down and take a few minutes to start back up.

For those who decide to start working out when becoming pregnant, Dr. Denke recommends starting slow.

Dr. Denke says, "If you just hit the ground running you're going to get sore and tired and uncomfortable and then that's going to make you less likely to keep up with that. So starting an exercise program it's always the best to start out slow and work your way up to an acceptable pace that you can maintain without feeling sore and tired."

-KEYC News 12