KEYC - THRIVER: Tom Weigt Flourishes With Running And Volunteering

THRIVER: Tom Weigt Flourishes With Running And Volunteering

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Thriver Tom Weigt says, "I started running probably back in my early thirties when I was feeling a little bit thirty–ish and I needed to start moving a little bit more."

What started as going on brisk walks, turned into half mile runs, into two mile runs, into half–marathons, and now he's running full marathons.

Weigt says, "I just started slow but I stuck with it, developed a habit and here I am today."

Tom's initial journey with running was motivated for the health benefits.. but what kept him going was recognizing other aspects of running that helps a community grow.

Weigt says, "I really got hooked up, just the people you're with; I made a lot of great friends. Changed my life, changed my life. Just the feeling you have by, not just the running but after running, you just feel good."

And now this 65–year–old veteran runner uses his experience to help others reach their goal.

Weigt says, "I get very excited for them and I give them encouragement, tips, whatever it might be on how to train, how to fight through injuries."

While incorporating a way for him to give back to the community.

Weigt says, "I'm volunteering with the "Stride" program through the Y on boys, on a running program. I do that twice a year for a set period of time. So I think it's just being supportive, and engaging with people and encouraging people to step out and just try something new and stick with it."

Being an inspiration to many in the community, Tom's passion and help doesn't go unrecognized.

Weigt says, "It's obviously an honor; I don't think I do things for myself, be out there in public 'look at me' but if I can be out there as someone who's sixty–five and "hey I can do that, if he can do that I can do that", awesome."

And if you need a new pair of tennis shoes, Tom can help you out at River Valley Running where he works part–time.

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