KEYC - Partners for Affordable Housing Gets Comfy Contribution

Partners for Affordable Housing Gets Comfy Contribution

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A Minnesota company is making sure everyone can enjoy a good night's sleep.
The Mankato Partners for Affordable Housing received a gift of 60 pillows from the MyPillow company this morning.
It's part of the MyPillow Giveback program where the company is donating a pillow for every purchase made at its store at the River Hills Mall location.
The goal is helping those staying at the shelter or leaving the shelter, especially if they have nothing furnished at their new home.
Liz Zaruba of Partners for Affordable Housing says, "You know, having that pillow, it's one more thing that they don't have to worry about, and if it's one less thing they have to worry about, then that just makes everything better."
MyPillow's Cindy Taylor says, "We still have it out there to see what the reception, if it can keep going with that, and we would like to replenish the shelters with pillows as needed."
The Chaska-based manufacturer is looking for the program to help veterans, homeless, and those recovering from addiction.
The goal is to distribute five thousand pillows in nine of the communities where they have stores.
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