KEYC - Iron Chef Judge Dishing Up An Education On Italian Food

Iron Chef Judge Dishing Up An Education On Italian Food

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A judge for Food Network's Iron Chef America has been making the journey around the country to share a love for Italian cuisine.

Mario Rizzotti tour "For the Love of Italian Food" stops at Bonfire Wood Fire Cooking, serving an authentic four-course meal with wine pairings and olive oil and balsamic tasting.

The event is meant to provide an educational opportunity to share the difference between American Italian food and the real thing and how healthy it can be.

Iron Chef American judge Mario Rizzotti said, "You get to share the love for authentic Italian ingredients not only with your customers that are going to come tonight at the event, but also the chefs and the kitchen staff as well which are the core of our business because we've got to make sure that through their help they going to spread their passion about authentic Italian food as well."

About 50 people have reservations for the event, with a capacity for 60.

It is the last stop of a four-restaurant tour in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Bonfire received the call a few months ago and have been preparing for Chef Mario's arrival.

Bonfire Mankato General Manager Jeff Barber said, "He's inspiring the young people to stay diligent with what they're dreams may be, and that's what he's doing with our team. He's helping them grow; he's keeping them confident, he's teaching them skills he may not have seen yet."

The event also provides a chance for the customers to spend an evening with the chef and to learn from him.


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