Over 50 kids heading into 4th through 7th grade were getting extra prepared for emergencies and learning how to live healthier today at the 28th annual South Central Safety Camp in North Mankato.
The event was broken into two sessions, with the students learning about bike safety, fitness, paramedics, distracted driving, and seatbelt safety.
The saw the tactical and K-9 unit, and learned fire safety in the afternoon.
And while campers may still be years away from driving, organizers are already making sure they will be prepared to be safe on the roads.
South Central Safety Camp Organizer Lisa Alitz says, "The kids will practice with the goggles for impaired driving and then they also can try reading a passage or text message, or trying to send a text message while they're pedaling the cars, so it's kind of giving them an idea of that as well."
Alitz says it is never too early to start teaching safety.
Just make sure it is age appropriate so the children can comprehend the message.
---KEYC News 12