KEYC - Waseca Resident's 53rd Year Serving On County Fair Board

Waseca Resident's 53rd Year Serving On County Fair Board

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Fair Board Director, Vincent Peterson says, "I was involved in 4–h and I had steers. I grew up on a farm in New Richland ten miles south of here."

Now Vincent Peterson plays an important role on the Fair Board... and this marks his 53 year.

Peterson says, "Well my kids were in 4–H and that's how I ended up. They needed people to work and that's how all of us end up on it I think."

There's one thing that keeps him coming back year after year.

Vincent says, "The children have so much fun and they old people complain but that's the way we are when we get old. It's for the kids."

Fair Board Director Trevor Kanewischer says, "It's pretty amazing I mean 53 years of doing anything is a long time but the fair is kind of a fun thing you do it because your hearts in it and there's a passion. He's still one of our most active board members really. He's involved in everything, attends parades, helps where needed, brings new ideas up and sometimes in the older age people don't want to change and do new things but he's one who will say yeah I remember that in the olden days, we use to do this but yeah we could do better so he's just such an asset for the board."

Seeing the fair grow year to year, Vincent says he's most proud of the improvements.

Peterson says, "We've had good cooperation from our county commissioners and all this black top was all mud."

Making it the perfect community party for everyone.

Peterson says, "They come its fair time. They drive by and as soon as there's some action here and we've got a good carnival , good family that we feel comfortable with."

New this year is the Tuskegee Airmen exhibit.

Kanewischer says, "We're the first county in the nation we found out last night so that's pretty cool. We flew in two of the original pilots; Washington Ross and Fredrick Henry are here today and tomorrow to talk to the public."

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