KEYC - Children With Disabilities Experience Summer Camp

Children With Disabilities Experience Summer Camp

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One MSU professor decided to make fun and games more accessible to kids with disabilities...

And the disability camp for kids was born.

Wednesday marked Day three of the inaugural Kid's Disability Summer Camp on the campus of MSU.

Children from around the area were given a chance get to play and learn special skills throughout the week.

Each youngster in this group battles some sort of ailment, whether it is cognitive, physical or both.

The purpose of this newly incorporated summer camp is to not only benefit these kids, but also have MSU students learn up–close and personal, how to teach those with impairments.

MSU Professor and Coordinator of Developmental Adapted Physical Education Program Sue Tarr said the university students have I think grown and the children with disabilities have grown. They've had fun, they've left everyday exhausted, smiles on their faces. So, it's been a perfect week so far.'

Today, the children got to play a unique form of kickball while even keeping track of the score.

Carynn used her kicking ability to get on base while Charlie used his speed to help his team score.

Following the friendly competition, is was off to the pool where history would be made.

Brianna had jumped off the diving board yesterday, but this time she decided to do it without a life vest for the very first time.

Her achievement caught the eye of one boy, who tried the brave task and succeeded in his first ever attempt.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pool, boys and girls were shooting some hoop or learning how to swim.

 In fact, all the campers got to learn a few things today, even the teachers.

MSU student Madison Eggermont said knowing how to go on the fly, interact and adapt. Just modifying as you go and things don't go as planned but that's totally ok because you have things in back pocket that you have ready to go. I just love the kids so much and the joy that they give me and their smiles. It is the most challenging job, but the most rewarding and I love every moment of it.'

Kelliher School Physical Health and Education Teacher Sarah Waldo said I definitely see things differently than the college students would see just based on experience. I can come up with things maybe a little bit quicker because hey I've been in that situation before. I can help you out, I can adjust a little bit faster because I've probably seen most of it by this point in time.'

The camp is free and runs from 9 to noon.

Tarr is hoping to increase the number of kids next year, and if you’d like to know more, you can contact her at 507-389-2626 or

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