KEYC - MSU And Costa Rica Agree To New Memorandum of Understanding

MSU And Costa Rica Agree To New Memorandum of Understanding

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MSU – Mankato and the government of Costa Rica agreed to a memorandum of understanding on Monday.

This is the first time the university has done this with a foreign government and those signing included Costa Rica Chancellor Manuel Sanz and Vice President Ana Echeverria.

The purpose is to to establish a partnership, which includes sharing research and education as well as conducting business with local organizations and the government of Costa Rica itself.

Students from the University of Costa Rica as well as the National University of Costa Rica will have the opportunity to come to Mankato and enhance their curriculum.

And as early as next spring, Mavericks will get a chance to travel to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and experience their own educational and cultural experience.

MSU enrolls roughly 15,000 students, with 1300 being international.

That ranks 23rd in the nation.

Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Marilyn Wells said it gives them exposure to students and scholars from around the world that they otherwise would not have had an opportunity to be exposed to. It opens up a whole new region of the world for them to study.'

Wells adds that with Costa Rica sharing many common goals in education, many people speaking English, and living in the same time zone, she expects both students and faculty to show a lot of interest in this new program.

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