KEYC - Madison Lake Fire Department Receives Life-Saving Technology

Madison Lake Fire Department Receives Life-Saving Technology

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The Madison Lake Fire Department has received technology that will help them save lives.
The fire department will soon be using a new chest compression system designed to provide life-sustaining circulation to victims of a heart attack. The LUCAS chest compression system is designed to stimulate higher blood flow to the heart and brain compared to manual chest compressions. Total cost of the technology is $16,000... made possible by the American Legion Post 269 in Madison Lake.  
"We're really excited about it. We can't thank the legion enough for helping us out to purchase it. It's a life changer for us, it frees us up to do other things as we're doing CPR," Chief of the Madison Lake Fire Department, Kevin Kennedy said.
While many ambulance services currently use the system, Madison Lake is the first fire department in the region to do so which means a lot for the crew.
"80 percent of our calls are medical so on any given day you never know when you're going to have a heart attack patient or something like that. We're about 20 minutes out from Gold Cross on an average, we have a great relationship with them but it will help us out," Kennedy said.
23 members of the fire department were trained tonight in how to use the LUCAS system, which is now a permanent fixture on the truck.

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