When you're pregnant, you're likely to hear a lot of old tales - some of which can be amusing. Not all pregnancy myths are entertaining though.

Some prompt unnecessary worry while others can pose real health complications for mother or baby.
Mankato Clinic Dr. Mark Taylor says, "It's one of the most common questions I get is can I dye my hair. The bottom line is yes. It's safe. You probably don't want to be inhaling chemicals everyday but by in large dying your hair is fine."

Painting is also okay, but make sure you are in a ventilated room and leave if you start to feel woosy.  Another common question that is controversial right now because of Zika is can I wear bug spray?

Dr. Taylor says, "DEET is safe in pregnancy and we say that to I've seen 25-30 percent DEET is what we recommend. So if you're going to be in areas where there is mosquitoes slash bugs do wear an insect repelant and DEET is safe...""make sure you talk to your doctor before you go to an area if you're pregnant or considering pregnancy cause Zika scares me."

As for traveling, it's okay to do but the increase risk of getting blood clots in your legs is the concern.

"When you're pregnant your blood clots more easily.  When you sit for long periods of time that blood pools and when blood pools that increase risks for blood clots," says Dr. Taylor.

The bottom line with seatbelts it to wear them.

"When a woman is pregnant especially toward later stages of the pregnancy you may have to change how you wear it and you'll want to wear it real low across the hips under the uterus but definitely wear a seatbelt its so much safer than hitting the dashboard," says Dr. Taylor.

Anyone who's been pregnant knows you're lucky to get whatever sleep you can when you're pregnant however after the first trimester you want to make sure you're not sleeping flat on your back.

Dr. Taylor adds, "As the uterus grows the uterus puts pressure on the venacava. It's kind of like putting your foot on a hose just not going to get as much blood flow to your head your heart and baby and even women can become faint."