KEYC - Hail Clinic Held For Farmers With Damaged Fields

Hail Clinic Held For Farmers With Damaged Fields

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Winthrop, Minn. -

Sunday's severe storms left behind damaged crops and buildings in Blue Earth, Nicollet and Sibley Counties. Now there are answers for farmers and producers who have concerns over their fields.
Farmers are known to keep a close eye on the sky...and Sunday night was no different. It was the aftermath of those strong winds coupled with hail and two confirmed tornadoes that prompted Thursday's hail clinic in Winthrop. The session was led by University of Minnesota Extension specialists and the United Farmers Co-op Agronomy Team, hoping to ease concern from farmers.
"That depends on the severity of the hail and the wind damage there was. We presented some data from the University that shows there could be very minimal yield damage and there could be some more significant damage up towards 40 to 50% was completely defoliated if the crop was completely depopulated in the field," Jason Ertl, Extension Educator in Nicollet and Sibley Counties said.
Immediate effects aside, the storm could possibly leave long term damage that will show up later in the season.
"Especially in some of the bruising situations long term effects there could be some different bacterial diseases that could happen and producers should be mindful of that and continue to be out in the field checking their different crops," Ertl said.
Next to assessing their fields, the most important step for farmers is getting in touch with their crop insurance adjuster.
"Have that line of communication with them just to make sure that they're aware of their cropping plans," Ertl added.
For those needing assistance in scanning for damage, the United Farmer's Cooperative in Winthrop has drones that can track down affected fields.

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