KEYC - Raptor Center Tour at Blue Earth County Library

Raptor Center Tour at Blue Earth County Library

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A naturalist from the Raptor Center brings four live raptors from the University of Minnesota to the Blue Earth County Library. They included an Eagle, Owl, Red tail Hawk.The Naturalist talked about facts about each animal and how and why they became rescued.  Scott says "One of the Main reasons our goal at the Raptor Center is to get the word out about raptors and to teach people about them. One of the best ways to get people to care about raptors is for them to see them up close and to see how cool they are find out somethings about them.  Learn how they hunt where they can find them and start seeing them in their own neighborhoods and around"The naturalists wanted to be able to tell the kids and public about each of these animals.If you missed out this year they encourage you to come back out next year to get a once in a lifetime experience.