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Ceylon Opens New Gym

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CEYLON, Minn. -

Last Wednesday, the city of Ceylon opened a new fitness center.

Formerly the town's city hall, this new portion of the building has just opened up as Ceylon's only gym.

It contains four ellipticals, three treadmills and two weight systems.

Free weights and an additional treadmill will be added tomorrow as well as free Wi–Fi in a couple weeks.

With a town of only a few hundred people, one of the managers says his priority is just getting interest from those around the community.

Co-Manager John Gibeau said we'd like to see 20 to 30 people as fall and winter come. We think that's a realistic number. If it doesn't come that fast, that's ok. We're just trying to get our word out.

The center currently has six members and looks to continue to upgrade the facility through posters, paint and equipment.

This equipment has been donated from numerous cities all over southern Minnesota and Iowa.

As for those who have already tried out the machines, one man says he likes the idea of being in a controlled setting.

Member Richard Gibeau said I'm riding a bicycle all the time and I'm using the same muscles as I would in here on these.I can start out slow, I can go my own pace. You know and follow the doctor's advice and hopefully improve.

The fitness center currently shares its building with Ceylon's museum and before this gym was put in place, the nearest fitness center was 20 miles away.

Which is why those in Ceylon think this new addition will provide interest from those nearby.

Ceylon Fire and EMS Ellen Kling said people that necessarily don't have vehicles drive all the way to Fairmont, it's nice to have it locally, that they can come up here and exercise, get in shape. Better health for our community.

If you'd like to know more about membership prices or the facility in general, you can visit

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