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New Solar Source Installed In Blue Earth

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The city of Blue Earth installed a new solar energy source for the use of its customers.

This new solar garden is part of the R4 Solar project powered by Central Municipal Power, which supplies energy to six other Minnesota cities.

The purpose of the new addition is to allow local residents and business owners to purchase solar energy.

Blue Earth Light and Water decided to invest in a panel to not only prevent homeowners from mistreating their own, but ultimately reducing the cost.

General Manger of Blue Earth Light and Water Tim Stoner said the value of not having these on your rooftops or backyards, allows us to really handle the maintenance for them, the on–going up keep and keeps their cost down.'

Stoner adds that the interest he's seen so far is most likely due to the number of people who value environmental stewardship.

The city just built this, this week and they've already almost maxed out at the number of subscriptions available for purchase.

While the cost up front may potentially worry customers, officials say the benefit from the block they buy could very well be worth it.

Purchasing solar energy tends to be more expensive than other alternatives. However, with this project, not only can you produce more reusable energy that helps the environment. But you can also earn back some of the money you purchased with panels, through its production and the energy market price.

If you'd like to know how to subscribe yourself or learn more about the project, you can visit

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