KEYC - Faribault County Fairgrounds Forced To Find Quick Replacement

Faribault County Fairgrounds Forced To Find Quick Replacement

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With the Faribault County Fair starting in less than two weeks, a broken promise might prevent residents from experiencing all of the activities.

Saturday, the fair got a letter saying that Cody Rides would no longer be providing attractions for the upcoming festivity.

No reason was given for the termination of the contract that was signed in January.

But now fair organizers find themselves forced to come up with a quick replacement.

Officials still expect plenty of traffic as food vendors and the rodeo will highlight the experience, starting July 26th.

Yet, the sudden change in plans hasn't made it easier to help serve those who will be attending.

President Sara Gack said it's tough because, you know you want to be true to your fair-goers. You know we were supposed to start selling advanced sale tickets and they goodness we hadn't yet. Now, we're in a time crunch and there's not much out there, so we're doing the best we can.'

Gack says she's open to suggestions or volunteers who want to install their own fun and games.

If you would like to help or see what's planned for the 157th Faribault County Fair, you can visit

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