KEYC - Tracy's Wheels Across the Prairie Museum a Hidden Gem

Tracy's Wheels Across the Prairie Museum a Hidden Gem

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Southern Minnesota is filled with many small town wonders.

We go to to Lyon County to the small community of Tracy where they showcase their hidden gem.

Right along Highway 14 lies a museum that's filled with history of a community built on the prairie.

Take a trip back in time.

A story of how far we've come.

Dorthey Pamp says, "The struggle it was to survive, when you haven't got running water, let alone hot water, you haven't got lights when it gets dark you light lamps.

It's all part of the history at Tracy's Wheels across the Prairie Museum.

But it's only a small sample.

From the blacksmith.

To the exhibits.

Jon Wendorff says, "One room school house, Norwegian hut that's beautiful, log cabin from 1866. Last summer we had a family that lived there they came to visit."

There's 16 buildings in all and they're all filled with a piece of what made the community what it is today.

Pamp says, "It's been my home all my life."

There's no way to highlight all the items brought forth and the countless hours given by the volunteers...all of which tell the story of a community that's risen above the challenges....including an item just recently brought from a tree after the devastating tornado 49 years ago.

But it's all for those to commemorate the past and to look forward to the future.

Wendorff says, "If you don't, future generations aren't going to know."

The museum also has items from Garvin, Amirit, Lynd and Lake Shetek.

And of course, don't forget the real–sized train that welcomes you to town.

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