KEYC - Satanic Monument Approval Provokes Protest

Satanic Monument Approval Provokes Protest

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Hundreds of protesters gathered at Belle Plaine Veterans Memorial Park following the addition of a satanic monument. 

The organization, America Needs Fatima, gathered people from all over the region today to pray and sing songs of worship in an effort to protest against the recent inclusion of a satanic monument.

This is following a monument called "Joe", which was put in a few months ago to honor a veteran.

A group then wanted to add a cross, which meant the city had to create a free speech forum in order to display this religious symbol on city property.

Following the acceptance of the cross, the Satanic Temple decided they wanted to install a fixture of their own.

Under Belle Plaine's new forum, the city voted and approved the new statue, making it the first satanic monument to be built on government property.

Thus, creating controversy and disagreement of what should be placed within this memorial.

Protester Jennifer Segerstrom said satanism doesn't have any rights. I mean Satan is a total enemy of God, so why should he be on the same level as their freedom of speech. They have no right.

U.S. Army Kevin Lindow said what we fought for was free speech, and that's free speech for everybody and freedom of worship, and that's freedom of worship for anybody. And I think honoring veterans shouldn't be mutually exclusive to any one religion.

The "Joe" monument was actually removed yesterday, while the satanic has yet to physically be installed.

With tension arising between the two groups, the city plans to discuss further action regarding the forum.

Even possibly removing it, which would mean no religious monuments would be allowed to be set on city property.

Belle Plaine City Council Kary Coop said if we're going to have one, you got to have them all. And there's no point in arguing with each other about who has the rights to put up a monument and who doesn't. So, if it's going to cause a lot of friction and anger, than the best thing to do is you can't have any monuments at all.

Monday, city council members will meet to talk about the status of the free speech forum.

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