KEYC - New Prague Winery Celebrates Anniversary

New Prague Winery Celebrates Anniversary

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The Next Chapter Winery is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being a vineyard.

Throughout the weekend, this New Prague grapevine attracted hundreds of visitors to experience live music, food and of course wine.

Not only were the owners honoring the 10th year of the winery's existence, but it is also the third year that Next Chapter has been licensed to sell wine.

However, this year provided a scare as freezing temperatures threatened the growth of the grapes.

Owner Timothy Tulloch said he had trash bales of hay form a farmer and I had smudge pots and I had heaters and fans. Everything except a helicopter. We survived and that's why the vines are looking so good now.

On average, the vineyard supplies around 5,000 cases of wine with each taking roughly one to two years to complete fermentation.

Among the festivities Sunday, the Charlie Sticha Band supplied music in the barrel room, which holds 200 barrels of wine.

Next door, special deals were being made available to customers to help celebrate the occasion.

In the red barn, guests were being offered half–priced appetizers as well as 10 percent off their choice of 13 different types of wine and soon two more will be added in Minnesota N'Iice and Blackberry.

Along with wine tasting, the winery also offers tours as well as hosting weddings and birthdays.

With so many members of the community supporting this establishment, it made sense that Next Chapter wanted to give back with putting an event like this on.

General Manager Jackie Brackway said it's a chance for us to show our appreciation of everyone that supported us, because we did start as the, I was the only employee and just anyone who came inside the door I was excited to see and now we're growing big enough that we can have events like this and have big bands. So it's just a chance to say thank you to those who keep coming back.

Employee Lainey Simon said it's really nice because you have a lot of surrounding, people from surrounding communities that you like recognize come here. The winery does a really good job of like advertising because we have a Facebook page of what's kind of going on and stuff. So, it just brings a lot of people here.

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