KEYC - Vision Van In Local Area

Vision Van In Local Area

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The Minnesota Valley Action Council helps area residents improve their vision by hosting the Envolve Vision Van today.  The 'Evolve Vision Van' travels around the country giving eye exams to patients who might not otherwise get the opportunity. Patients can also get an updated prescription for their changing vision.  Maxon Says "It's important all over the country; we were in Phoenix 10 days ago we are here in Minnesota this week, heading to St. Louis next week the company is based out of Rocky Mount, North Carolina and we travel the country providing eye care."  Gretz says" A lot of people who come to MVAC don't get proper medical care they don't have insurance coverage etc... so about a month ago we received an email saying this was an option and so we jumped at the chance to bring this service to our community."  This is the first time the van has appeared in Minnesota.Given how many people came out today, they say a return stop in the future is likely.