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X Games Inspiring Local Skateboarders

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The X Games finally came to Minnesota for the first time ever with plenty of different tricks taking centerstage at U.S. Bank Stadium.

"There's the indoor skatepark, the outdoor skatepark, there's different parts of the outdoor and indoor, there's the street course, just everything about the skatepark is amazing," said Carter Tillman, skateboarder.

There's lots of excitement in the air for skateboarders around the Greater Mankato area after the X Games made their Minnesota debut this weekend and will be back in the state next year as well.

The huge competition wrapped up Sunday,and with an event of this nature making its way to the state local fans of the games believe there will be a growing interest in skateboarding around the area.

"The X Games come to Minnesota, really created an opportunity for exposure for the sport, and without that sport, only certain people know about it. To have that broadcast, and have those local people representing Minnesota really creates a boost for the sport, and that's really exciting," said Sara Hughes, Chesley Skate Park director.

And athletes don't have to look any further than Mankato's own Chesley Skate Park to fine tune their craft.

"Having a bowl like this really allows for progression in the sport, so it gives an opportunity for kids to learn inside, and take it outside and learn some of the things that they're doing in the X Games," said Hughes.

"You just ride around in it like just be like water, go with the flow of it, or the mini pipe inside, because it's basically just a half pipe I can work on stuff like 50–50 grinds, kick turns, basically anything I want," said Tillman.

There was also some history at this weekend's event  with 13–year–old Brighton Zuener becoming the youngest X Games gold winner  in the women's skateboard park category.

And maybe one day some of these athletes will showcase their skills in front of thousands at the X Games.

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