Southern Minnesota is filled with countless people who continue to inspire us as they overcome every day challenges.

MRCI based in Mankato helps individuals with disabilities find jobs in the workforce.

We meet a young man who does it all for United Commercial Upholstery in New Ulm

Justin Wilson became blind at the age of 17.

Wilson says, “I have saying that my eyes are broken but my hands aren’t”

That can-do attitude is one of the several reasons Justin has found a home working for United Commercial Upholstery in New Ulm thanks to a partnership with MRCI.

President Phil Vorwerk says, “My first reaction was, that’s great, I like what you’re

doing, but how is this going to work?”

But Justin quickly helped Phil put his doubts aside.

Wilson says, “They actually put me in front of a drill.”

Since starting in May, Justin fills a variety of jobs.

Wilson says, “This company they make boat seats, so when the seamstresses are done with the seats they come to me and they’re inside out so I flip them, so they’re right-side out and I then send them off to where they go next.”

Justin works about 20 hours a week and has adjusted nicely to the demands.

Vorwerk says, “For a guy who’s been through an awful lot, he has a very optimistic outlook.”

And there’s no stopping him now.

-KEYC News 12