KEYC - Mankato Job Site Preparing For Thousands Of Fans

Mankato Job Site Preparing For Thousands Of Fans

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A new jobs site looks to gain traffic at this year's Vikings training camp.

Greater Mankato Jobs dot com recently launched last month and aims to help businesses within the city, find potential employees.

Not only can employers post job openings, but they can also find those looking for employment through resumes, that users can upload to the site.

And with thousands of fans flocking to the area over the next couple weeks, one of the men responsible for this new online portal plans to use training camp to his advantage.

Greater Mankato Growth's Jonathan Zeirdt said "This is a unique opportunity for us, right. I mean we have 65+ thousand people that are going to come to our community in the next couple of weeks and every one of them has to enter camp going by this trailer."

He adds that it's a lot like combining indeed with e Harmony, as both parties will receive alerts when they've matched up with one another.

The link to the website is

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