KEYC - Xavier Rhodes Inks 5 Year Extension With Vikes

Xavier Rhodes Inks 5 Year Extension With Vikes

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The Minnesota Vikings have locked up another key cog to the defense this season  with Xavier Rhodes inking a five year 70 million dollar extension including 41 million guaranteed.

"Xavier knows where that money bag emoji thing is, knows where that button is. Hopefully it's the interception button he's going to be pushing going forward from here," said Rick Spielman, Vikings general manager.

"This year I'm trying to take it to a whole new level. Harrison, Dejo [Andrew Sendejo], [Anthony] Barr and the whole defense, those guys look to me for making plays when they need to be made. I just love those guys," said Rhodes.

"Just excited to get Xavier Rhodes signed, there's no question about what he brings to us on the field, especially at that position. This is another strategic plan that we put in place this offseason, knowing how many young guys we want to keep. We want as many of these young core players together as we possibly can," said Spielman.

"I always believe if it's not broke, why fix it? What I was doing before, why change it? I'm going to continue to play my ball, be aggressive, be the guy to go out there and play at my best ability to lockdown the best receiver or whatever the coaches want me to do. That's still my game plan, still my mindset," said Rhodes.

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