KEYC - Vikings TE Competition Heating Up

Vikings TE Competition Heating Up

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The Minnesota Vikings offense has plenty of room for improvement.

In a mostly AP–less 2016 season they were middle of the road in passing and the worst in the league running the ball.

Easily enough they could improve in both areas if they're able to get some solid play out of their tight ends.

The Minnesota Vikings tight end corps looks a little different this year with the departure of Rhett Ellison this offseason. rookie Bucky Hodges, and second year player David Morgan are both battling this camp for the spot behind veteran Kyle Rudolph.

"I'm sitting in the back of the room, I look in front of me, and I'm five years older than the next closest guy, and I think David Morgan is the next most experienced guy in our room, but it's exciting. We have a lot of talent, and I think those guys all bring things that can help us win football games," said Rudolph.

"That's been my main thing honestly having a year under my belt, being confident in my play, and playing a lot faster," said Morgan.

"Ever since I've been here, they've helped me out, him and Dave helped me out a whole lot whether it's my footwork, or how I attack a route. It's a great group of guys, and I'm fortunate to learn from them," said Hodges.

"We've got six good guys in the room, and so it's all competition. At the end of the day, we're a team, and all looking to get better," said Morgan.

"I see myself as a playmaker, I'm a good teammate, I'm going to put everything on the line every rep I get whether it's blocking, or passing, I'm going to put everything on the line," said Hodges.

"Rhett did all that stuff, he would line up at fullback, the wing, and all sorts of protection. I'm looking to fill that void, and contribute anyway I can," said Morgan.

"The atmosphere, the players, the coaching staff, it's a perfect place for me. It's nothing but elevation that's going to happen to my game here," said Hodges.

The first cuts don't come until September, giving coaches plenty of time to evaluate both Hodges, and Morgan.

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