More than 500 women are expected to attend tomorrow's 8th annual Greater Mankato Area United Way Women with Heart Luncheon.

CEO Greater Mankato Area United Way Barb Kaus says, "It's a wonderful way to bring the women together of the region to show their support for improving people's lives."

United Way focuses on helping families in need lead healthy and successful lives.

Kaus says, "We need to include all aspects of who gives to united way and supports the beautiful agencies underneath it's umbrellas so this is just an opportunity for more and more people to get together."

Along with lunch, a keynote speaker speaks at the event, giving women the opportunity to hear about people that have been impacted through an agency that the United Way supports.

Women With Heart Luncheon Chair Elizabeth Ulman says, "It really pulls on our heart strings about people that are in our community and are impacted by things that they face in their life and the challenges that they face and the dollars that we as women in our community donate back to the united way can support them in shaping and growing and becoming better in their own lives."

This year's keynote speaker is Tonya Hobbie of Bolton & Menk.

Although Elizabeth Ulman is chair of this year's event, she has attended prior ones and says the biggest thing she's learned is the importance of giving back.

Ulman says, “I'm from Mankato area and without the united way we would not be able to support the number of agencies that impact people throughout all stages of their life in the Mankato area by supporting the united way,."

Women with Heart Luncheon takes place tomorrow Wednesday August 2nd from 11:30am–1pm at the Verizon Center.

For more information on the event or to sign up visit