KEYC - Vikings See Multiple Options To Replace Greenway in 2017

Vikings See Multiple Options To Replace Greenway in 2017

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The Vikings were in the middle of the pack last year  when it came to defending the run.

Minnesota hopes a new face at weak–side linebacker will do the trick.

The days of Chad Greenway blowing up plays and being a vocal leader in the lockeroom are over, but Minnesota features a solid linebacking corps with plenty of players hoping to fill his spot.

"Chad was a good guy man, he was definitely a great leader, and now it's our turn to step in and be great leaders as well," said Emmanuel Lamur, Vikings linebacker.

"We're always going to miss Chad, Chad was a great person, is a great person, great leader, did a nice job really with everything. It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't come down to camp at some point," said Mike Zimmer, Vikings head coach.

"I think just because he was the main guy in the linebacker room, and he kept everyone together. It's a little weird not having him around, but I'm happy for him that he's had a great career, and is retired and doing something else," said Edmond Robinson, Vikings linebacker.

The weak-side linebacker competition is up in the air this preseason   with both Emmanuel Lamur, and Edmond Robinson splitting time at the position.

"That's what it's all about, you've got to love the game, football is all about competing, I'm just coming out here taking one day at a time and becoming a better version of myself," said Lamur.

"I think it's going pretty good, it's kind of hard to tell what's going on. I just go out there everyday, do what I got to do, listen to coach and see what happens," said Robinson.

There's no rush to replace Greenway in the 4–3, and Coach Zimmer plans to allow ample opportunity for Lamur and Robinson to showcase their skills before he makes a final decision.

"Probably not until we see them in some live action, I'm going to look at Gedeon there too. There's no big hurry, maybe hopefully third preseason game, but if it's not, it's not," said Zimmer.

Minnesota's first preseason game is next week against the Buffalo Bills where we'll get a better look at what these players can bring to the squad.

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