KEYC - Vikings Have Extra Time To Evaluate Players in 2017

Vikings Have Extra Time To Evaluate Players in 2017

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Those playing for a chance to crack an NFL roster this season at Vikings training camp have some extra time to display their talents, with just one roster cut down date coming after the preseason.

"I like it, I think it gives a lot of other guys more chances to be evaluated with that fourth preseason game, it'll be harder with Rick on the waivers when everything happens, but it's good for the players, they get a chance not to just show in a couple games, but all four," said Mike Zimmer.

This year,rosters start at 90 during the preseason then drop to 53 with no cuts in between.

For players, it's another chance to prove they belong while GM's sort through all the madness.

"There are needs that pop up, potential needs that pop up, we'll try to address those needs, a lot of times, you won't be able to address those needs until the final cutdown. We have a plan in place how we'll look at other teams strengths and weaknesses at all positions, so if that does come up for us, we'll have an idea of where to go and who to look for. It's always been a long night on that 53 man cutdown and it's great we get to keep 90 through training camp, but that's going to be around 1200 names coming off that night, so we'll be pretty busy going through that wire of the 53 man cutdown," said Rick Spielman.

"We've got a lot of competition going around on our side of the ball, it's just going through the process, when the lights come on in the preseason games, when we get opportunities to compete in practice, we want to see consistency, making sure that the players feel comfortable to get the job done," said George Edwards.

The Vikings annual evening practice takes place Saturday at 7:15  while the team's first preseason game is against Buffalo on Thursday.

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