The Vikings open preseason play this Thursday at Buffalo.

Head coach Mike Zimmer may or may not be calling the plays for the defense.

When Mike Zimmer first took over as head coach of the Vikings in 2014, he helped the 31st ranked defense from a year before improve to 14th.

In year two they bumped up another spot to 13 and last year  the Vikes cracked the top five.

In all three seasons, Zimmer's called the shots, that is until emergency eye surgery last November forced him to miss the Dallas game.

While Mike Priefer was named interim head coach, D–Coordinator George Edwards stepped–up in Zimmer's absence with full control of the defense.

"I think our players went out and played extremely hard, gave us a chance to win a football game. We didn't finish it off there at the end, but I think the thing that showed up is we have really good players. They're going to go out and execute no matter who's calling a game or what the situation is. You know they're going to line up and play hard," said Edwards.

This year, Minnesota plans to experiment with that same setup during the preseason.

"Probably have him call one in the preseason and see how it goes. I have not decided yet totally for the season, I think it'd be good to practice it in the preseason and see how it goes, see if it helps me to help other areas of the game, so I'm kind of thinking that way, but I haven't decided no," said Mike Zimmer, Vikings head coach.

"Obviously it would give him more time to do more things in between series, and as far as managing the game, helping out the offense more. Again, whatever our best course is, it's about getting our players prepared to go out and win a football game," said Edwards.

Edwards may get to call the plays in Thursday's preseason game at Buffalo, but whether it's the d–coordinator or head coach the purple and gold should still have a strong season in 2017.

--KEYC News 12