Area law enforcement are now prepared to handle a worst-case scenario, an active shooter situation.

Mankato Public Safety hosted a regional Active Violence, Active Shooter exercise that involved local police, fire and emergency medical personnel. This training exercise has been years in the making, combined with in-classroom training and theory of application.
"Part of the training today is orientating everyone to what the tactics in the playbook is, running through scenarios more than once on how different things can happen and how you can reassess, mitigate threat and risk, work through deploying action and reassess again and continue collecting information as we go because more people are coming," Mankato Public Safety Commander Jeremy Clifton said.
The exercise involved members of the Minnesota State Highway Patrol, county sheriffs, and local police and fire departments. Any agency that would be called upon if an active shooter situation would happen.
"We recognize that if a type of call for service in only local community, here comes the Calvary. We know that everyone is going to come so we might as well get those people engaged right now today, instead of expecting them to know what to do in case of an emergency when that day hopefully should never come," Clifton said.

Commander Clifton says not only does the practice help officers rehearse the steps to take, it also mentally prepares them what an active violence scenario could look like and how to apply the tactics they've learned, if needed.

--KEYC News 12