KEYC - Nicollet County Courthouse Receives Grant To Improve Security

Nicollet County Courthouse Receives Grant To Improve Security

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The Nicollet County Courthouse will be getting some security improvements all thanks to a state grant.

More than $38,000 was granted to the county from the Minnesota Safe and Secure Courthouse Initiative. The money will go toward changes including adding more security cameras and new door locks.

Nicollet County Sheriff Dave Lange said this grant helps move the improvements along.

"Some of those improvements are things that were on a wish list, if you will, that would be nice if we had these extra cameras and features, and we're able to put those into place now," Lange said.

Lange said the grant is important because improving security at courthouses has become a national priority.

"We're just trying to improve some of the safety and security of the people who work there and for the people who frequent the courthouse," Lange said.

The grant does require the county to match the amount of money. Part of those dollars will come from funds already set aside. The rest will come out of the county's taxpayer provided general fund.

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