Now more than ever people are interested to learn where their food comes from. This weekend, two local events are connecting consumers with area farms to show them just that.

The face of farming has changed over the last fifty years. Younger generations are taking over their grandparent's farms or even starting their own. And as things change it becomes more important to keep connections strong between farmers and consumers.
"Having a face to put on where your food is coming from, it's a huge thing it builds that trust it builds that relationship. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to only buy my food from you but it means there's a market of farmers out there that are good people that are working to make the best product with the best resources with the best practices too," member with the Le Sueur County Farm Bureau Angela Guentzel said.
Local bakery and restaurant Friesen's is also getting in on the movement with their once a month, Farm to Friesen's event.
"We wanted to start promoting local producers. We have a great partnership with the local Food Hub and Valley Veggies and it was a way to highlight their food. We also saw a gap in the different food options available in Mankato and so we wanted to create a community space to talk about food, to support local farmers," Friesen's Co-Owner Natasha Frost said.
This weekend two separate events will showcase locally sourced food and answer any questions you have about farming.
"We are hosting Breakfast on the Farm it is an event that's open to the public. It's what it sounds like, breakfast on a farm just outside of Mankato here. It's a great way for people to come out to a farm, experience what it's like to be out on a farm with equipment and animals, lots of learning and fun activities," said Guentzel.
"Saturday at 6 o'clock we have folks come, get seated and get settled and we start our first course right at 6 and it ends around 8:30 and in the middle there we have a lot of really good conversation and a lot of really good food," Frost said.
Breakfast on the Farm will start at 7 a.m. Saturday morning at the Dauk Family Farm located at 62536 Lake View Rd, Madison Lake by Bray Park. It's free and lasts until 11:30.

Farm to Friesen's is $65 for a pair of tickets, $5 from every sale will go toward Roots, Shoots and Boots a local food network that promotes local farms and purchasing from Mankato's food hub.

--KEYC News 12