KEYC - Two Fairs Begin On Wednesday

Two Fairs Begin On Wednesday

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In Saint Peter, the Nicollet County Fair is opening today for the 145th time.

This year, they've added a couple more grandstands, in anticipation of thousands of fans wanting to see the return of races.

Programs like drone photography, quilting, and activities for children are also new additions.

Nicollet County Fair Board Secretary Ann Volk said "A bunch of new activities for kids, we have pedal, little pedal tractors and a corn pile pit and some other activities there."

Rides have opened, but others at the fair are eager to witness other aspects that this event provides.

Dairy Ambassador Grace Pearson said "I enjoy the food of course and just like seeing all the little kids come and enjoy the fair."

Meanwhile, 30 miles west, in New Ulm, the Brown County Fair will be celebrating its 150th year.

Fairgoers will get to experience 16 different rides and attractions as well as an opportunity to see not only farm animals but exotic ones as well.

Gates opened at 5 o'clock, but there is still plenty do to tonight, as a demolition derby will begin at 7, along with country music artist Shane Martin performing at 7:30.

As for being able to sustain this event for so many years, the director says it's impressive.

Brown County Fair Board Director Nicole Rustman said "We're excited, you know not a lot of fairs can boast or anything can boast they've been together for 150 years, so excited to celebrate that. We actually have a history book available that we had written for that and some cool t–shirts and mugs."

With rain pouring down earlier today and a chance of more tonight, the carnival says it will keep an eye out and make sure everybody is safe.

Owner and Manager of Amusement Attractions William Purdy said "Most of the stuff, I mean we won't operate when there's lightning in the close area, but if it starts raining we usually close right away."

Events and activities will fill the rest of the week and weekend, with new inclusions such as Friday night fireworks, historic demonstrations, and an ATV/Motorcycle stunt performance on Thursday.

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