KEYC - Waseca Celebrates Reaching Fundraising Goal For Tink Larson Fiel

Waseca Celebrates Reaching Fundraising Goal For Tink Larson Field

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16 months after it was destroyed by fire, supporters of Tink Larson Field break ground on what will be a million dollar replacement.
"We are here because we can finally celebrate the success of the fundraising campaign and we can begin construction here," emcee Marney Gellner said.

More than a million dollars was raised over the past year. Money from blogs, high school baseball teams, the Northwoods League, local philanthropists and organizations... and a big one from the Minnesota Twins.
"I think the cool part about the fundraising effort is that I'm guessing many people in this crowd today have contributed to this park. Those contributions, whether they be big or small, all played a huge role in getting us to today," Twins President Dave St. Peter said.

Tink Larson Field, named after Waseca's local legend of a baseball coach, is expected to open for play sometime next year.

Keeping the relationship the city has with baseball going strong, as the next generation still has a place to play.

As for the man of the hour, he wanted to give a special shout out to the driving force behind rebuilding Tink Larson Field.
"We people look at this grandstand when it gets finished, I hope they'll be proud of what they see, and they should say a thank you to Duane Rathman when they see it. How about a wonderful round of applause and standing ovation for Duane Rathman," Larson said.

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