KEYC - Impromptu Camp Performance

Impromptu Camp Performance

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New Ulm, MN -

An area 17 year old student is putting together an impromptu camp for local 1st through 4th Graders.

A 17 year old student has offered to put the time in and help give some fun for students. Giving the students something to do right before the school year as the school year is starting back up.

She is teaching the students about stage presence, how to build stage sets and other things to prepare them for the theater.

Before camp is over they will be putting on a performance.

Hendrickson says "I'm going to be the turtle, I was going to be the only turtle but, my brother came in and is the second turtle now."

Diersen says "I love letting the kids express their own creative side the one thing I like is to emphasize is their teamwork and how they need to work together to create a production."

Their performance of Our Own Wizard of Oz. can be seen at 7:30 on Friday at the State Street Theater in New Ulm.