A popular restaurant has decided to give their customers additional space to enjoy some drinks.

Before last month, The Landing had its bar and restaurant in the same spot.

That is no longer the case, as this diner now contains its own lounge area.

The high amount of business led to the decision to expand, and gives residents as well as vacationers the option of dining in or socializing.

Adding features to the establishment is part of the process that the owners are looking forward to.

Owner Mark Bisch said "That's our plan, our long–term plan is to be a destination and something unique that no one else has and I think we're accomplishing that, right at this point."

The newly constructed bar contains roughly 30 different types of red and white wine.

Consumers can also choose between 10 beers on tap as well as a multitude of liquor.

Yet, this isn't the only new aspect, for a brand new state–of–the–art kitchen was installed Thursday, which should help in customer service.

Manager Mari Tacheny said "The amount of people we do get in here, it's been tough the last couple months were so busy. We struggled to keep up on the weekends with the size of our kitchen, our grill was about that big and so it was longer wait times on food."

Customers seem to enjoy the option of choosing the one that suits them best, as opposed to sharing space.

Madison Lake resident Sue Rosenow said "It's nice that you can choose how you want to, whether you want to eat or drink, or drink, or just eat. So, yeah I like that separation."

The Landing also features outside seating as well as live music every Friday night throughout the rest of the summer.

The owners also say that they plan to update the dining area in the coming months.

For more information on upcoming events or specials, you can visit the bar and grill's Facebook page at "The Landing On Madison."

-KEYC 12