KEYC - MSU Football Opens Up Fall Camp

MSU Football Opens Up Fall Camp

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The MSU football team opened up fall camp Thursday with just a few weeks to go until the season opener against the University of Mary.

There's plenty of excitement for the upcoming campaign, and the Mavericks have some big goals they want to accomplish in 2017.

"Our expectations are very high. That's the goal right there, the national championship. I see a lot of similarities with players going into this year that we had that year. WE have a lot of young guys that are ready to step up, and a lot of seniors a lot of juniors guy to prove things on both sides of the ball," said Corey Brent, MSU defensive back.

"We want to win a championship, there's no doubt about it. Ultimately we want to go 1–0, 11 times in a row. That'll obviously win us a championship. I think it's one day at a time. Our slogan for the season is to go one and oh, but it's also go herd," said Todd Hoffner, MSU head coach.

"The expectations have never been higher, we will try to go undefeated during the regular season, win every game at home. Get to the playoffs, win the region, and win the national championship. That's our goal, we're going to try to check them off one at a time, we've never been higher," said Ryan Schlichte, MSU quarterback.

"We're going to be very aggressive, and happy, happy is a good word for it. It's going to be very exciting, every game will be exciting," said Brent.

"Fans can definitely expect a lot of high energy from the guys here. We're going to love to play with each other, so you're going to see a lot of excitement. We score touchdown on offense, defense will be exciting on the bench help us celebrate. Just a lot of excitement, we're going to be a fun team to watch," said Schlichte.

"We have Mary coming up which is a team we haven't played in a couple of years, so we want to start looking at them, feeling them out, hopefully take care of business there, and go from there. Take it one game at a time, and just make our mark on the year you know," said Brent.

"We had a great summer working out, seven on sevens, probably one of the most exciting seasons coming into that I've had, so I'm excited to get going," said Schlichte.

"When we're at home in our first game 9–9, September ninth, we're going to be playing at 1 p.m, and we're looking to rock the house, because we've had thousands upon thousands of people come through our gates, and that's going to help our team roll," said Hoffner.

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