After three years of operation, Genesis Classical Academy is once again expanding.

The preparatory school in Winnebago just added sixth grade to its student body. The school is a prime example of, if you build it they will come. They plan on adding one grade a year until they're up to the full 12 grades.
"To find another school like this you would have to travel 100 miles in every direction you're going to have to go to Schaeffer Academy in Rochester or Sioux Falls or up to the Twin Cities to find a classical school of this caliber and we think that is soon as the school is found by people the doors are just going to bust," Genesis Classical Academy Headmaster Renee Doyle said.
The staff has also expanded, with 17 teachers and aides licensed in everything from Latin and Classic Literature to Science and Art and Music for the 50 students enrolled. Doyle says this year they have more diversity coming into the building than ever before with students from five different towns with different cultural backgrounds and learning capabilities.
"I think the school in general brought life to this community and southern Minnesota south-central and I don't think that has begun to be seen I believe that this is going to be the hub and even as this building is planned for expansion in the next year multipurpose facility and all the things that are going to come I think this is going to be the go to place," Doyle added.
All the excitement will cap off when classes begin September 6th.

--KEYC News 12