This month’s Good Person makes a difference in the community of Springfield.

But she does it in a way most people might not think of.

Doris Weber has literally done it all for the Springfield Advance Press.

Weber says, “I started on the news desk out front, the receptionist and bookkeeper, and then I wrote the wedding, and I did the obits.”

After all, Doris has been there for almost six decades.

Weber says, “It was a job that intrigued me from my childhood.”

While growing up in the Wanda area, Doris knows the impact local news can have on small-town communities.

Weber says, “The newspapers are making a difference and making things happen.”

With all of her duties of gathering the news and writing stories about the community she loves, Doris knows that even with all the changes in the way we receive our news, there are some things that will never change.

Weber says, “People think we don’t need the paper or TV or radio that they can just look it up on their phones, but they don’t realize where the source of that news is.”

And with no signs of slowing down, Doris knows her weekly newspaper that reaches 2,000 will have a lasting impact on the community.

Doris Weber, a KEYC News 12 Good People award recipient.

-KEYC News 12