KEYC - Lutz Wing Nursing Home Closing

Lutz Wing Nursing Home Closing

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On Thursday, Mayo Clinic Health System Fairmont announced the decision to discontinue Lutz Wing Nursing Home operations.

"Instead of continuing to compete with our health care partners in the area, we will focus on collaborating with them," MCHS administrator Amy Long said.

Officials say the decision came down to the core focus of care Mayo provides in clinical, hospital and emergency settings. Whereas long–term nursing care is not considered Mayo's sole focus.

With seven nearby nursing care facilities, including Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center, the next step is to ensure a smooth transition to all 23 residents at Lutz Wing.
"These are patients that we know and love and care for. We've come to know them as friends and patients. We know their families and so we're committed to collaborating and ensuring that their transition is smooth," MCHS family physician Dr. Jeff Green said. 

Long says that they will work with each individual resident by assisting them in site visits, and collaborating with the facilities chosen.

"This will not be a quick overnight relocation. The process will take two to three months," Long said. 

As for the facility's future, Long says it could become the location for oncology and infusion therapy services, "They have outgrown their current space and there's patient demand that we're currently not meeting that we need to."

Most nursing homes in the area have space for new residents.

"I'm really excited that we have the opportunity to roll out the welcome mat to patients and their families. I know that we are up for the task," Dr. Green said. 

If all goes as planned, the facility is anticipated to close by December 1.