High School Runner Izzy Lind says, "You just think everything even if you can't control it you just think about it too much. You over think a lot of situations and I worry a lot about the future and things I can't control."

Izzy's struggle with anxiety started to impact her life negatively when she entered six grade.

Lind says, "It started to get really bad because it was a new environment and everything started to change and I don't really like change it's hard to adapt to."

The first instinct for many when they realize they're suffering from anxiety is to seek out treatment or find a medication to help.

But Izzy is using her love for running to battle her fight.

Lind says, "I joined the cross country team and then that's when it really helped. I ran every day and I was a lot happier person. It helps day to day so if I run every day it helps so my day goes better."

While exercising is really good for your health, that's not all Izzy gains from it.

Lind says, "I've met a lot of friends from it and I've made a lot of memories doing it and it's a lifelong thing you can do that has a lot of benefits."

With goals and ambitions, Izzy is confident that running will be a big part of her journey.

Lind says, "I really want to run cross country in college but I definitely will continue running the rest of my life. One day I want to run the Boston marathon."

Izzy hopes sharing her story gives faith to others struggling.

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