Sunday, one organization was helping revamp its trails for riders. 

The Mankato Area Mountain Bikers, along with volunteers, began upgrading the trails along Mount Kato.

Multiple groups were spread out across the hillside, operating on different projects.

From reshaping a portion of the route, to implementing new materials to help prevent water from washing out the path.

Since this trail was built in the mid–90s, weather along with wear and tear from riders have caused erosion issues in spots like this. And one of the projects that the Mankato Area Mountain Bikers were working on today, was installing concrete pavers to not only widen the trail for passing lanes but also alleviate future problems.

The jobs taking place Sunday are just phase one of what the organization is hoping to complete.

Additional trails, berms and jumps are what may lie ahead, but for now it's all about reconstruction and assisting new riders.

MAMB member Jason Thate said "Right now it's repair, that's the main thing. And then, you know we've already done signage, that's helped out too. You know make it so when somebody is out here for their first time, it's easier for them to navigate around the trail."

Mount Kato hosts both high school and state championships throughout the year.

Even a couple members on the club team felt it was important to help give back to the mountain biking community and potentially attract more racers.

14-year-old Mankato Mountain Bike Racer Ronan Corley said "We just want to make sure it's really nice to go for the race. We have some good practices out here, make it better."

14-year-old Mankato Mountain Bike Racer Brennan Houlihan said "It can also help to improve the ride quality. Not to mention, let's say if you built more features on the trails, it could attract more people to Mankato to ride the trails."

No timetable has been set for when all of these projects will reach the finish line. Thate adds that it'll all depend on the amount of volunteers willing to help out.

These trails are open to the public and free for those who are members of the Mankato Area Mountain Bikers.

If you would like to know more about the organization or even how to sign up, you can visit

- KEYC 12