After 12 years of spooks at Farmamerica, the Haunted Corn Maze in Waseca is enduring a change in scenery.
The Halloween event will now be known as the Sinister Forest, taking place at Maplewood Park in Waseca.
Both Farmamerica administration and creators of the Haunted Corn Maze, recently decided the switch was the best option for both organizations.
Creators of Sinister Forest say guests will be challenged to reach the end of the dark forest without waking the evil that lives within the shadows of the trees.
Steve Bakken says "This is a new event everything all our equipment and everything we have is geared for a corn field so we are going to have to do changes in lighting changes in electricity uh stuff like that lots of logistic planning that has to be done."
This event takes place the last two weekends in October from 6:30 to 10 p.m..
Admission is $10 a person.