Saturday, the city of Windom unveiled its brand–new emergency services building to the public.

Members of both the ambulance and fire departments gave citizens a tour throughout the facility.

Showcasing the rigs and rooms as well as the upgrade in space, a component that lacked previously.

Nine total bays are now filled with multiple emergency vehicles, including watercraft, along with two stories that contain offices, bedrooms, and a lounge area.

Officials say the installment of this building should help decrease response times due to the new arrangement of emergency personnel.

City Administrator Steve Nasby said "Having the facility here, what it means to the community is a more coordinated response. Typically, we have fire, ambulance, and law enforcement responding to calls and now they are all centrally located."

For the first time, all three emergency response teams will be within a block of each other as the facility sits on the corner of 5th Avenue and 10th Street.

- KEYC 12