Hunters across the state still have to wait a couple weeks before they can pursue waterfowl.

However, kids got a unique opportunity to get out and shoot some today. 

For half a decade, the DNR, Ducks Unlimited, and the Fox Lake Conservation League have put on a day for boys and girls to experience hunting.

This unique time is for children, ages 12 to 15, to learn the process of how to catch waterfowl.

Mentors guided the youth, showing them techniques and explaining what approaches to take in order to successfully shoot a bird.

The man in charge says the purpose of this event is to give an opportunity to the younger generation, whom some might not have a chance to hide out in camo and witness the sights and sounds of a slough.

President of the Fox Lake Conservation League said "The whole thing with the DNR and DU Conservation League doing this, is to get kids more involved and hopefully kids who don't have a chance to duck hunt or get on a wetland or see the wetland wake up in the morning. Learn the safety tips of it and have the fun with it. So, we enjoy getting the kids out, and I mean some of the mentors have had more fun than the kids I think."

A couple brothers were making it look easy, as their mom watched from behind to learn some tips herself.

One of them has participated all four years, while the other is hunting waterfowl for the very first time.

15-year-old Austin Thilmany said "I met these guys at the game fair over in Anoka. Came down here for my first hunt and I've loved it ever since, coming to the youth hunt. And it's just been a great experience coming down and going out with Tony and having Josh and his family take kids out and help me be a better duck hunter and everything."

12- year-old Tyler Thilmany said "I mean I'm thinking like, this is awesome duck hunting and I love it...I've shot three ducks so far and I like it, I love hunting. And I just, it's fun."

Multiple factors go into successfully shooting an animal.

Aside from using noise to lure them in, marksmanship, and maybe a little luck, the main teaching point today focused in on another key skill, that helps ensures a good hunt.

One of the biggest concepts that these mentors are trying to teach these kids today, is patience. Allowing the duck call to entice the birds to get within range, making for an easy target...for the perfect shot.

Half a dozen kids came out this morning, but Eisenmenger added that he'd like to see that number increase in the future.

This event takes place every year on September 9th, and applications can be found on the DNR website.

The season opener for everyone else looking to catch Waterfowl will commence on Saturday, September 23rd.