KEYC - Daniel Boone Trail Revived Along Highway 169

Daniel Boone Trail Revived Along Highway 169

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The small town communities just south of Mankato on Highway 169 are hoping to boost tourism.

To do that, they're restoring a historic trail with pioneer Daniel Boone.

Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce's Cindy Lyon says, "I'm sure every main highway has a story, but this is the story really Highway 169 is the story of the Daniel Boone Trail."

In the tradition of historic motor vehicle trails, the Daniel Boone Trail traversed a north, south route from Northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico on what is now Highway 169.

Lyon says, “The intention was to come from the Gulf of Mexico and have a proper road all the way north to Canada.”
          The Daniel Boone Trail runs from South of Mankato to the Iowa border near Elmore.

Lyon says, “Daniel Boone did come here and his son finished it.”

The official trail was designated in 1917 and was

replaced in 1926 with the national highway numbering system.

Flash forward to today, and these small towns along the route are hoping to revive the historic trail by highlighting some of the top tourist attractions along the way, including former Vice President Walter Mondale’s home in Elmore, the Amboy Cottage Café and of course the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth.

Lyon says, “A lot of people ask where they can camp or get a good cup of coffee, so just bringing them into our community and sharing quaint history. All towns in America have a story.”

As for Highway 169, theirs is a story of pioneer history, meeting small town charm.

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