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Last Thursday, Nicollet junior, Nicole Hall, joined the 1,000 set-assists club becoming just the second player under head coach Judy Radke to hit that mark.

“She hustles after every ball, we like to say she makes every ball better, that’s her goal everyday. It doesn’t just happen match night. She’s doing it in practice, she’ll hustle after every loose ball. She’s a competitor,” said Judy Radke, Nicollet head coach.

“I actually started setting when I was a freshman, I didn’t know I was going to be a setter, but she said we needed a setter, so I said okay, and I started doing it,” said Hall, prep athlete.

That decision is paying off,fast forward a couple of years, and Hall has reached 1,000 set-assists.

She only needed 14 to hit the mark coming into last Thursday’s contest against Martin County West and capped off a special evening with 40 set-assists.

“I think it’s reassuring for the passers to know that if they don’t get a perfect pass, she’s going to get to it, put it up for her setters to have a hittable ball. For her hitters they’re ready to go, because it’s going to be there for them, ready to hit. The nice thing about Nicole is if you went into a match, you wouldn’t know if she had a good set or a bad set, she’s really calm,” said Radke.

“I see who’s on during warm-ups, and then I kind of go from there. Normally Lindsey Boerger is our main fire, and that’s normally who I go to. Otherwise, Brooke Skrien, she’s always good to,” said Hall.

With 1,000 set-assists checked off the list, Hall is now eyeing the 2,000 mark before her high school career wraps up.

Hall’s leadership on the court is why she’s our KEYC Scheel’s All-Sports Girls Prep Athlete of the Week.

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