KEYC - Rock Bend Festival Concluded Sunday

Rock Bend Festival Concluded Sunday

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Hundreds of people and music filled Minnesota Square Park, as bands from across the region supplied tunes for the citizens of Saint Peter for the 27th edition of Rock Bend.

Two stages hosted more than 20 bands throughout the weekend, to give people a chance to experience anything from jazz to bluegrass and even folk.

Rock Bend Music Coordinator Ron Arsenault said "My favorite part is the music. There's great food and there's a lot of really talented craftspeople here, but I like the music. And I get to go back and forth between both stages, to listen to it all day for two days."

However, musicians were only the highlight, for vendors lined up and showcased their items.

Yet, one wasn't selling but portraying its materials to give those watching an educational tutorial.

Society for Creative Anachronism's Mike Prahl said "We like to relive history as a way, as a tool to learn about history. And then we like to be able to show other people the stuff we've learned by hands–on learning."

Adults weren't the only generation enjoying the afternoon.

Kids got a chance to personalize signs and create crowns out of straw, while others spun a wheel to win prizes.

For one of the performers, he says the atmosphere is what makes this festival so great.

Musician Bob Theis said "People are laid back. Lot of real good bands, the weather is just ideal this time of year. Not that many mosquitos, which I always worry about when I come back home. It's a real free spirit, I really enjoy it. It's a good time. Pretty low–key, but at the same time they get some real good entertainment."

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